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Air Power Symposium 2011

Pictures from the recently-concluded air power symposium may be found here:

Day 1

Day 2

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15th Strike Wing Family Day

Oh, the 15th strike wing celebration at Sangley was a blast for us R/C’ers.  We had so many planes to fly all day, and a great variety of them.  Unfortunately we had 3 bad crackups:  the very big Yak-54 of Toti Alberto, the F-16 of Andy Mendoza, and the small plane of Edmund Mendoza.  The engine of the Yak-54 quit during a hover, and the model flipped over and crashed on its nose.  The F-16 ran out of fuel on landing approach, (remember this is a jet turbine) flaming out over the water.  It was recovered, someone was able to dive and retrieve the engine.  The small trainer landed in a tree, but separated into parts.

The Yak can be repaired, the F-16 airframe is a total–the engine has to go back to the manufacturer, the little plane was repaired for flight for the next week, and was crashed, again.

But so many had great performances during that day.  To see planes do “impossible” stunts is always a treat.

See you again soon!

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