15th Strike Wing Family Day

Oh, the 15th strike wing celebration at Sangley was a blast for us R/C’ers.  We had so many planes to fly all day, and a great variety of them.  Unfortunately we had 3 bad crackups:  the very big Yak-54 of Toti Alberto, the F-16 of Andy Mendoza, and the small plane of Edmund Mendoza.  The engine of the Yak-54 quit during a hover, and the model flipped over and crashed on its nose.  The F-16 ran out of fuel on landing approach, (remember this is a jet turbine) flaming out over the water.  It was recovered, someone was able to dive and retrieve the engine.  The small trainer landed in a tree, but separated into parts.

The Yak can be repaired, the F-16 airframe is a total–the engine has to go back to the manufacturer, the little plane was repaired for flight for the next week, and was crashed, again.

But so many had great performances during that day.  To see planes do “impossible” stunts is always a treat.

See you again soon!

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Mactan Airport Anniversary

Greetings to all Aviators!

We continue to plan for the Static Display of Gen Av and Military Aircraft and Open House At Mactan Cebu International Airport on Dec 18-20. The 19th Anniversary Day is Friday, Dec 18.

Lt Gen Nat Legaspi, 2nd Air Div Commander paid me a visit at my office yesterday morning. He has given his full support to the project, in fact offering to open Mactan Air Base too to visitors, so entry via airport will not be too crowded. The Christmas Bazaar at the Base starts on Dec 16 at the Open Air Museum of the Base. He will spruce up/light up the C-123, F-86, UH-1H and the N22 Nomad displays there too. And he has volunteered to put up an Air Force night at the grandstand area in the evening of Saturday, Dec 19. and open to all particuipants.

The general apron assignment for the static display is General Aviation, at the South Ramp, adjacent to the Terminal Main Ramp, and the Military Aircraft at the Military Ramp. This way, the general public can view the Gen Av display, while witnessing Commercial Aviation operations, and then go farther away for the PAF and PN aircraft display.

There will be many Cessna 152s and 172s in different Flight School livery. PAF T-41s will come from Fernando Air Base, as well as the SF260MPs. Gen Legaspi assures the display of UH1H, N22 Nomad and even a C-130 from the Base. Strike Wing Aircraft may come from the deployed areas and will include the MD520MGs and the Turbo SF260s. We may have OV-10 Bronco too. We’ll see if an S-211 can join the Display. Nat Legaspi will ask the Navy for the BN Islanders. We may even get lucky to have a Presidential Bell212, if there’s a movement that time.

There will be a couple of Ultralights too from Mactan as well as an Amphibian. Aviatour will display their Twin Seneca as well and some Cessna 182s. We’re hoping for Civil Rotary Wing Aircraft too. We are requesting Aboitiz Executive Jet and another perhaps.

It will be great to time the probing flight of PAL’s first B777-300ER at that time too. (RP-C7777). If this will occurs, it will park at Bay 1, nearest the Gen Av display.. I have yet to re-connect with Cebu Aeromodellers Club (Attention Obi and Mel) and Tamiya, and we can use the MIP Lounge for such displays.

We need help on the Participants’ meetings/ socials, mini-summit. Have not yet worked with the Tourism Organizations and the Hotel and Resorts Association.

Gen Legaspi suggests and I agree that fly-in may start Thursday (DDay-1) Display starts Friday, Dec 19 and open for partipants and organizers and guests of Anniversary only. Opening to the Public will be Saturday and Sunday. And fly out on Monday.

Joy is also doing some planning there in Manila. Raul and Toto are helping out with Eme Magnaye of A-5, in finalizing PAF particpation. Too bad, Iren’s Alpha Jet is out.

Something has started small and we are growing. I had a Press Con for the airport a week ago and mentioned this event.

Click for a Cause

YESTERDAY (Friday) at 1630, we unveiled a Cessna 172 displayed for the first time at the car park of SM North Wing here in Cebu. At 1730, we cut the ribbon at the mixed display on the second floor of SM North Wing. Meanwhile, at the foot of the escalator going up, the flyable, remote-controlled, 6-foot wingspan DC-3 model aircraft from Cebu Aeromodellers Club was displayed. More models are exhibited upstairs, including the pylon race-winning model of Jay Jay Neri. On the main display area are the photo entries of participants.

The 5052 SRS Search and Rescue Briefing will be done at the display area too. First Lieutenant Ivy — a lady pilot from the 220th Airlift Wing — will discuss careers in the Air Force. Aviatour will give a presentation on civil aviation careers. Depending on relevance, I am prepared to brief the public about the unifying efforts of ASPI. The, PAF: Wings of the Nation documentary of the  will be played.

I’ve asked Cebu Pacific for Flight Attendants to be there too so we can have a complete mix of Commercial, Military, General Aviation and Sports and Hobbyists.

Please pray for the continued success of this endeavor, as we plan for the bigger Airport Static Display on December 18, in line with our 19th Anniversary of MCIA. This event will include General Aviation and Air Force aircraft, plus airport Equipment like Fire Engines, Trauma Vans, and others. We will open the Southwest Ramp to the public for the first time.  We may also have the Lino Zapanta’s History Series for the Air Force and Civil Aviation buffs. Hopefully, we can start work on the Gen Av museum in Mactan!

Let’s go fly high gents, or IN ALTUM VOLA

Click for a Cause

Click for a Cause
Click For A Cause was started by Aviatour as a photo contest. This year they’re bringing in the Mactan Cebu International Airport, the Philippine Air Force (Air Reserve Center, 5052 Search and Rescue Squadron), Cebu Aeromodellers Club, and Cebu Pacific Airlines to participate. As a result, the event promotes the ASPI’s goal of unity towards aviation development.

A live Cessna 172 will be in place at the car park area in the entry area of SM Northwing. Cebu Aeromodellers will put up a 7x6ft DC-3 model at the entry lobby. At the second floor will be the photo exhibits, booths, and briefing area.

View the poster here.

There were already two press conferences on the event and these were published in two of the leading newspapers in Cebu. For two successive Saturdays, Aviatour with MCIAA and sponsors a hosted tour of aviation facilities and aircraft for two groups of orphans and staff.

The unveiling of the Cessna aircraft and the ribbon cutting of the exhibit will be at 1600H of October 23, 2009.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Aviation Summit Nov 5-7 Tampa, Florida

AOPA-P Board of Trustees will be attending and we would like to invite members of ASP to join us in the activity. AOPA-P will take care of the entry fees but you will have to spend for your air fare and hotel.
There will be a lot of aircraft on display and all the latest equipment and gadget for aviation will be exhibited.
I am considering bringing my camera crew. If you would like to join us, it will surely be a fun activity.
Joy Roa

Initial Activity for ASPI

ASPI Colleagues: Among our initial activities I am willing to conduct a half day public education seminar either in the PAL Museum or the Air Force Officers’ School which hopefully we can get for free. The subject can be the history of Philippine aviation from the American occupation to contemporary times. Not very many know the real story. Let’s open it to the public. We can collectively campaign by email among industry friends. If agreeable the concerned working groups can start the ball rolling.

Best regards to all,

Lino Zapanta