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Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Aviation Summit Nov 5-7 Tampa, Florida

AOPA-P Board of Trustees will be attending and we would like to invite members of ASP to join us in the activity. AOPA-P will take care of the entry fees but you will have to spend for your air fare and hotel.
There will be a lot of aircraft on display and all the latest equipment and gadget for aviation will be exhibited.
I am considering bringing my camera crew. If you would like to join us, it will surely be a fun activity.
Joy Roa

Initial Activity for ASPI

ASPI Colleagues: Among our initial activities I am willing to conduct a half day public education seminar either in the PAL Museum or the Air Force Officers’ School which hopefully we can get for free. The subject can be the history of Philippine aviation from the American occupation to contemporary times. Not very many know the real story. Let’s open it to the public. We can collectively campaign by email among industry friends. If agreeable the concerned working groups can start the ball rolling.

Best regards to all,

Lino Zapanta