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Hi Everyone,

  • There has been a lot of developments in Philippine Aviation over the last ten years:
    • More players in Commercial Aviation,
    • the coming of Executive Jets in General Aviation,
    • increased capability in Military Aviation, especially for Air Defense.
    • Sports Aviation has been the most active too.
  • However Airports have been quite slow in responding to increased flights. No decision yet on the next International Gateway.
  • MROs are confined to NAIA and Clark

But Aviation continues to be the prime mover in everything.


Dan Francia

Good Morning, Board of Trustees

Our nation is in a transition. And our Anniversary falls on July 1, our 9th. Nothing much much can be done on inviting a guest for lunch or dinner small group meeting.

Our friend, Ben Manga, former EVP at CIAC has an inside ‘access’ to incoming Secretary DOTC Tugade. I mentioned to Ben that the Aviation Society is existing, and that we could present a level of expertise in various fields of Aviation about subject matter and qualified persons.

May I have ideas on what to do, in the meantime, in quiet celebration of our Anniversary this July 1?

First R/C Aircraft Congress

A First Philippine R/C Aircraft Congress was held at the Angeles City Flying Club in Magalang, Pampanga last December 14 & 15, 2013. It was a very well-attended affair. Friendships were rekindled, and new aircraft models were seen.

R/C Congress flightline

R/C Congress flightline

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Water Flying!


A beautiful pattern plane on floats. It's an old design, but in good condition. Powered by .46 2-stroke.

A beautiful pattern plane on floats. It’s an old design, but in good condition. Powered by .46 2-stroke.

We, who have lost flying fields, are again energized. A large body of fresh water will do very nicely as a flying field. It takes a little effort to put a model on pontoons, and go out to fly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philippine Aviation History Lecture Series

A lecture series entitled, “The History Of Philippine Aviation” by SEAIR President Avelino Zapanta. This will be held on August 16, 2011 (Tuesday), 8:30AM at FEATI University in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

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Air Power Symposium 2011

Pictures from the recently-concluded air power symposium may be found here:

Day 1

Day 2

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2nd Aviation Summit

The 2nd Aviation Summit will be on January 19, 2011. Registration starts at 7:30 A.M. at the Main Function Hall, PAF Aerospace Museum, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

Aviation Society of the Philippines

Sec. Jose P de Jesus of the DOTC is the guest of honor and keynote speaker.

The day’s program of activities are:

0830H Invocation by COL ERNESTO R CIMATU CHS (GSC)
– National Anthem
0845H Welcome Remarks by MR OSCAR BENJAMIN C MAPUA JR
(ASPI Board Member/Sports & Hobbyists)
0900H First Speaker ( Sports/Hobbyists)
Vice President-Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)
0930H Second Speaker (General Aviation)
President & Chairman-Omni Aviation Corporation
1000H Third Speaker (Military Aviation)
Commanding General, Philippine Air Force (PAF)
1030H Fourth Speaker (Commercial Aviation)
President -Cebu Pacific
1100H Fifth Speaker (CAAP)
Officer-In-Charge/Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
1130H >>> LUNCH <<<
– Introduction of the Guest of Honor

– Speech of the Guest of Honor & Keynote Speaker

– Closing Remarks
President & Chairman – ASPI


Attire is semi-formal. Interested parties may RSVP Major Patrimonio at +63-917-551-9519 or Abby at +63-906-537-6863.

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Asia Oceania Championships 2010

R/C pattern aircraft

Regional championships for aerobatic, radio-controlled model aircraft will be on September 19 to 26, 2010 at the old airport in Bacolod City, Philippines!

See the best radio controlled flying this side of the world!

group shot

Watch world-class precision aerobatics in this official FAI competition.

Here’s a sampling of what you will see:

See you there!

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A Very Successful Scale Fly In and New Year’s Party at Baradas

Static model display during judging

Static model display during judging

Thank you, everybody who came and joined the Scale Fly-In and New Year’s Party of the BARCA (Baradas) Club! Those who couldn’t make it missed one of the best RC airplane events of the Philippines, ever. We counted over 60—yes, SIXTY, airplanes on the field, and over 30—THIRTY, airplanes that joined the scale contest. We haven’t seenthat many airplanes at any fly-in or competition ever! The enthusiasm of the modelers there was great.

The flying weather was cool, if a bit brisk, and a bit windy. At times it would blow a bit too strong for some of the models, but many modelers flew their airplanes successfully.

We had a few—very few, really—models that went into the trees, but from what we could see, not too badly damaged.

Results of the event:

  • 1st place military: P-51 Mustang, Gov. Jesus Typoco Jr.
  • 2nd place military: F-16, Toti Alberto
  • 3rd place military: C-130 Hercules, Mar Poblete
  • 1st place civilian: DC-3, Gov. Jesus Typoco Jr.
  • 2nd place civilian: Boeing 787, Robert Bunggo
  • 3rd place civilian: Twin Otter, Erwin Dematera
  • 1st place aerobatic: Wolf Samson, Paolo Primavera
  • 2nd place aerobatic: Super Stearman, Tasmi Datumanong
  • 3rd place aerobatic: CAP 232, Erwin Dematera
  • Military flight award: P-51 Mustang, Gov. Jesus Typoco Jr.
  • Civilian flight award: Boeing 787, Robert Bunggo
  • Aerobatic flight award: Wolf Samson, Paolo Primavera

We are seeing a number of “new” faces in the winners’ circle. We are also seeing more electric powered models (C-130, Boeing 787, Wolf Samson) successfully being able to win against nitro or gas powered jobs. And the 787 and Wolf Samson can also take to the air even in strong winds. Congratulations fellas! Good job.

While in 2009, we were seeing the “giant” scale models winning, this year we were seeing the “smaller” models taking the trophies. Perhaps the modeler-voters are being more discriminating? But we are in agreement with the choices made.

The next contest date (hopefully) will be Sunday, January 23, 2011. Also at Baradas. If we can get sponsors, we would like to offer more flight awards—up to 3rd place. Again, if we have the sponsorship, we could have prizes for documentation. The “people’s choice” type of balloting seems to work for the static judging, and we might do it as well for the flying. We might have to institute a time constraint (5 min) for engine starting on the flight awards. You are being informed now, so get your entries ready! See you there!

Gidget Montemayor and Maritess Villaruel did really great work on the tabulations and administration of the event. We are most grateful for their help and presence throughout the whole day. Thank you, thank you!

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The First Glider Flights in the Philippines

Sunday, December 13, 2009. A group of glider enthusiasts wrote a small piece of aviation history. Finally, after two years of preparation, we managed to launch two gliders with a winch for the first time in the Philippines.

First Glider Flight

Weather in Nampicuan was perfect. Crosswind, 10 kt, cumulus developing at around 10 am with 1650m cloud base.

Engineer Jonathan has prepared his self-made winch. Eric Monnier, glider pilot from France, working for Cebu Pacific came with friends from Manila. He was the winch operator. Dirk Verhaeren, Belgian glider pilot visited us from Manila with his girlfriend.

Walter Narath, glider flight instructor from the Alpine Gliding School in Unterwoessen, Germany, flew in from Germany the night before. Albert Mendoza, Filipino trike pilot and instructor joined with a friend.

I decided to test the winch with the single seater Ka-8  first. Eric on the winch did a perfect job. He towed me up to 260m, unexpected for the short runway. I managed to find good lift right from the start, 0,3 m/s first, developing up to 1.5 m/s. The first glider flight in the Philippines took 1 hour 40 min ! Comments from the ground “lunch is ready” were ignored. How could we get a better start? ! The first flight proves those wrong, who said, that gliding is not possible in this country. I know, there will be many great flights ahead of us.

The second pilot was Walter Narath. I operated the winch and he got up to 300m. Wind was getting stronger and it got more difficult to find thermals.

Later I tested the Ka-7 two seater glider. Eric, not sure about how heavy the glider is, towed it up with very good speed. It brought the glider up to 250m, also an unexpected good height for the airfield.

Many smiling faces

L-R: Eric Monnier, French glider pilot; Jonathan Tayamora, Engineer - constructor of the winch; Walter Narath, German glider pilot; Rolf & Sven Dunder; Joyce Yuen - Rolf's wife; Dirk Verhaeren, Belgian glider pilot

Overall a great achievement. We will now establish a regular gliding activity.

Whoever wants to join in, never hesitate to contact me.



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